Welcome to the real W eb3.0 era KUS becomes a new era of power
2022-05-12 21:38:27 Reading

 In 2021, the total market value of crypto digital assets exceeded $2 trillion for the first time, accounting for about 20% of gold.In this year, DeFi became a phenomenal example of digital financial innovation and competed for hundreds of years of traditional finance.This distributed financial application based on the chain has begun to derive categories covering almost all industries of traditional finance: transactions, lending, insurance, payment services, stablecoin and asset management.By the end of 2021, DeFi's total market value has exceeded $100 billion.The total market value has broken new highs, which means that the decentralized financial world is also accelerating its expansion and continuous fission.This rapid growth trend actually implies the old and new transition from Web1 to Web2.0 to Web3.0.

Under the framework of Web3.0, based on the concept and way of distribution, the value logic of the Internet has changed significantly: the organizational framework with DAO replaces the centralized corporate governance system; DeFi, which puts assets on a decentralized chain and generates sustainable returns, began to change the inherent model of centralized financial institutions.

KUS (Katyusha), initiated by the Singapore Puhui Foundation, development team, is the top programmer in the world, with rich development experience, and has core advantages in decentralized application deployment, decentralized database building, and defi project development.KUS global 131 pure DAO communities to build, Katyusha has a brave, beautiful and pure meaning, KUS inspirational to do a clear stream in the field of DEFI, KUS to create a one-stop decentralized platform, ecological inclusive, Katyusha vision: integration of innovation, the pursuit of excellence, create value, only do only.

It is worth paying close attention to that under the current competitive pattern of Web2 transition to Web3, KUS with more flexible investment, more stable returns and more closed-loop logic will certainly bring more positive changes to the lives of hundreds of millions of users around the world in the future world of human development driven by blockchain technology change.KUS is destined to rewrite the original underlying logic and show unprecedented competitiveness in the decentralized financial world in the future.

KUS fully has a token banking system for stable and sustainable growth.The special operation mechanism and unlimited destruction mechanism of KUS token empower the diversification of financial management, greatly reduce the entry threshold of inclusive finance, and change the proportion of financial investment risks.

The birth of DeFi Financial KUS will gradually change from a changer of decentralized finance to a benchmark of decentralized finance, and from serving finance to the founder of financial remodeling.KUS will completely solve the three major difficulties facing DEFI: complete decentralization, capital efficiency, and stable price growth.

DeFi has become the focus of the whole industry from being questioned to today, with stronger men, darker dark horses, ups and downs, and constant surprises.As one story after another of sudden wealth unfolds again, bubbles and scams gradually grow.It can be said that in 2022, someone will pay for the bubble again and pay a heavy price.

But the difference is that KUS's innovation and optimization mechanism will show us an extremely imaginative open financial blueprint. Although DeFi will inevitably cool down, it must be the mainstream of the development of the blockchain industry.

The goal of KUS is to create a trading space with absolute freedom of information.Become the reverse of everything going mainstream.In the continuous exploration and creation, change the blind thinking of the public, choose not to set themselves, advocate freedom of belief, subvert tradition and challenge tradition, simplify complexity into pieces, believe in the value influence brought by scarcity, and pursue fair wealth freedom.

The DeFi story continues, and KUS will surely be featured in the DeFi world.

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