Walking out of the Uncivilized Era of Blockchain Games, God Of War An Epic Monumental Work with Real Chivalrous Spirits Created by Dynamic Funds
2019-07-28 15:45:39 Reading


Since 2017, blockchain games have developed for over one year and a half; many popular “games” are merely exquisite concepts. We have high expectations for blockchain games, and thus have a sense of blankness: when on earth can blockchain games walk out of the uncivilized era?
From 1.0 to 3.0, the blockchain technology has walked out of the stage of conceptual development and entered the stage of implementation and application; blockchain games also need to be truly implemented. The global game market size in 2018 was over 130 billion dollars, including casual games like tetris, exquisite independent games like Combination of Isaac, and 3A works like God Of War. They attracted over 1/3 players worldwide with their brilliant game experience.
In terms of the traditional game industry, in the first step for blockchain games to walk out of the uncivilized era, truly excellent contestants are lacking. Luckily, the blockchain game track attracted a powerful team, namely the Dynamic Fund team. They are preparing God Of War, an epic blockchain game with chivalrous spirits for global blockchain game players.
To respect chivalrous spirits is the cultural property of every country and every nationality. The spirit attracts innumerable people to the chivalrous world, and stimulates people who love and long for a wonderful life to jointly create their own ideal world.
The Dynamic funds team is composed of fanatics in the world of immortal heroes. They’ve been deeply engaged in the game market and attained great achievements. Through accumulations of multiple years, the Dynamic funds team decided to create a blockchain immortal hero game for global fans of immortal heroes. In 2019, the Dynamic funds team launched the project God Of War, so as to create a chivalrous world with their love for the chivalrous culture.
God Of War is a Level-AAA large-scale 3D MMORPG game, with the world-known fantasy world as the theme. In the future game design, every role has its own mission. On the way of participating in the war, he will finish the upgrade of skills and outfit by upgrading the level, and further fulfill the chivalrous dream.
God Of War was launched by Charles through his long-term working experience in the game industry. In the game development, he obtained the assistance of the original Blizzard architect and the rendering technology of Microsoft Xbox Studio 3D. Charles once worked for Blizzard, responsible for designing and releasing the Warcraft project of the new edition. Later, he was responsible for Halo 5 project in Microsoft Game Studios and won the annual game appraisal award. Since the establishment, God Of War has maintained the highest operation standards of the industry. During this period, it obtained recognition of the capital market and invested to expand the game R&D team for multiple times. As the first project at the beginning of the Dynamic Funds team, God Of War constructed the core structure with expandability and openness at the initial stage. The objective of the Dynamic Funds team is to make God Of War accompany fans of chivalrous culture forever.
After reading a chivalrous novel in 2015 by accident, Charles was deeply attracted by the chivalrous world and became a loyal fan of it; he decided to create a game for global chivalrous fans. At the beginning of 2019, Charles met Edward who was also a chivalrous fan. They immediately established Dynamic funds, with Edward as CFO. Through repeated discussions, the team decided to create a chivalrous game different from the traditional ones on the basis of blockchain technology.
During this process, Adam, who was also keen on the chivalrous world, also joined the Dynamic funds team. As the COO, he enjoys high reputation in the industry out of his abundant industrial experience, business management experience and brilliant capital operation capacity.
Blockchain game is a great reform for the productive relations of the game industry. It is still at an early development stage. After growing rapidly for one year and a half, blockchain games are walking out of the uncivilized world. We cannot and shouldn’t judge the final form of blockchain games, but the “game” has an evolution history of thousands of years after all. It may be combined with enigmatic things like “philosophy” and “humanity”, but “being interesting” should be the most original pursuit of games throughout.
Let’s look forward to God Of War, a wonderful epic game created by the team of Dynamic funds to us!

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