Vironit Announced the Latest News about Unity 3D + VR Technology Breakthrough
2021-03-19 17:54:00 Reading

 Vironit announced a new technology, Lively Virtual (hereinafter referred to as LV), which has enhanced the types of AR experience available in unity-based mobile applications and games, added advanced tag-based functions, and can be used simultaneously with other AR functions.

There are two SDK versions that combine the powerful SDK engine with unity's popular 3D features: professional version and expert version, which provides a complete augmented reality solution for computer vision based use cases, covering application programs with various complexity and degrees of Proprietary technology.

Our latest technology LV provides location-based AR, image and object tracking, unmarked AR and a wide range of functions, enabling developers to enhance the world around them in just a few hours.

LV's technological breakthrough has brought more polishing and optimization options, IOS performance improvement, Android delay components, etc..

For those who hears of LV for the first time, it is an OSCHINA mobile application UI development framework for building locally compiled applications for IOS and Android. The ease of use and continuous improvement of the framework make LV one of the most popular development tools in the community.

We have been studying Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), which are unique technologies, making full use of our rich experience to ensure that our customers have the highest value technology solutions to meet their specific business challenges.

At Vironit, we use a balanced set of technologies to create incredible solutions, making you stand out from the crowd. Our team focuses on providing customized solutions for top Virtual Reality platforms, including HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. We also provide the most advanced game development through platforms such as unity and Unreal Engine.

With new trends, constantly subverting of technologies and reshaping of game pattern, we seek to create the most attractive and popular entertainment experience, we are ready!

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