The new forces of chain tour are rising, and the cookie farm has completed the public beta online
2021-11-10 15:41:26 Reading

 Recently, cookie farm, the first blockchain farm game hatched by Genesis universe, officially announced the completion of the public beta launch. On the first day of launch, it caused a sensation in the whole chain game industry, with a sharp increase in registered users. It is undeniable that this is largely related to the recent hot spots of meta universe chain tour and the strong support of Genesis meta universe Association, but we also see that the potential of cookie farm itself is exploding and the new power of chain tour is rising.
It is understood that cookie farm is a blockchain virtual farm game built on the background of the farm. In the game, players play the operator of the farm, complete a series of tasks such as planting, feeding, processing and production, and obtain resource output. The obtained resources can be used for market trading, NPC interaction, farm construction, etc., and earn while playing, Let players truly experience the fun of a farmer building a farm.
As the first blockchain farm game of Genesis universe, cookie farm is highly expected. We also see that cookie farm itself has many highlights:
·Luxury lineup. With the full support of Genesis yuan universe, the cookie farm has not only been guaranteed in terms of capital and technology, but also received the support from major communities around the world of Genesis yuan universe Association, which is the basis for the long-term development of cookie farm.
·Ultra low threshold. Unlike many previous games, cookie farm is open to global users and runs on a decentralized chain. All players can download and experience for free. After 999cmt is activated, they can experience more game functions. It is a game that really belongs to all players;
·Innovative model. As we all know, in the development history of the game, we have moved from the charging mode to the free mode, and the cookie farm will adopt the innovative play to ear game mode. Players can not only experience for free, but also earn while playing, and then earn income in the game, which greatly enhances the attraction of the game;
·Unique computing power mechanism. The cookie farm has set up a computing power combination mode of personal computing power + community computing power + prop exchange computing power, which enriches the playing methods of the game and makes the game more exciting;
·Immersive gaming experience. For a long time, a big pain point of blockchain games is that the playability is not as good as traditional games. Cookie farm adopts the latest VR, AR and other technologies and sets up VR experience room, which can give players an immersive experience, enter the virtual farm world and knock on the door of the meta universe.
At present, the cookie farm has been opened in many regions around the world. We believe that with the support of Genesis meta universe, the cookie farm will certainly become a dark horse of blockchain games and lead the new wave of gamefi.

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