The intersection of reality and fiction, WEMADE METAVER takes you to a glimpse of the metaverse world
2022-01-13 16:19:07 Reading

 Imagine getting that luxury car you've always wanted on your wish list, or being able to interact with your friends from all over the world for real.
WEMADE METAVERSE is a new continent existing in the digital age metaverse, a microcosm of the development history of the human digital age metaverse, and a brand new entrance for human beings to enter the digital metaverse era.
WEMADE METAVERSE's five features capture the pulse of the digital metaverse era and open the door to a new and promising new world for users worldwide.

WEMADE METAVERSE is the externalized spiritual core of players, helping them to find themselves in the metaverse, WEMADE METAVERSE helps users to build their own social network and their own metaverse world.
After logging into WEMADE METAVERSE, each person becomes an independent individual and gains a virtual identity that belongs only to him or her. Just as human beings have an identity in the real world, human beings in the virtual world also need a virtual identity, and the identity of the virtual world corresponds to the individual one by one. Having a WEMADE METAVERSE identity is the first step to build a complete ecology. At the same time, WEMADE METAVERSE has a built-in DAO social network, where each player can freely participate in activities, communicate with each other and build their own metaverse.
Super immersion is an important watershed that distinguishes WEMADE METAVERSE from traditional games. Immersion has hitherto been an overlooked part of human-computer interaction, and while it is often mentioned in gaming environments, it can also be experienced when one reads a particularly engaging book, or watches a movie or TV show. However, the feeling of being immersed in a book or movie is very different from the feeling of being immersed in a game. In most media, the player perceives the character as the plot develops rather than as an outside influence, because the character's personality has already been determined by the author or director. In contrast, in WEMADE METAVERSE, the player's control over the WEMADE METAVERSE character and this sense of immersion becomes an important factor influencing the WEMADE METAVERSE environment. One of the key factors in creating the immersion of WEMADE METAVERSE is the low latency brought by edge computing and 5G technology. Latency is the speed at which data travels from the game client to the server and back again. WEMADE METAVERSE Eco 1.0 will create a racing chain game - Legend Race, which can meet the players' needs for interaction and playability. At the same time, the rich props and exciting settings in Legend Race can help players resist entropy increase and enter the state of mind flow, so as to obtain a super immersion.

WEMADE METAVERSE 2.0 is a virtual world that can be built freely and allows multiculturalism to coexist. WEMADE METAVERSE, as a new continent existing in the digital age metaverse, is a microcosm of the development history of the human digital age metaverse. Here, players can deeply participate in the five stages from opening up, pioneering, building to urbanization and modernization. In WEMADE METAVERSE, players will have the ability to "self-shape" and freely use their own ingenuity in each board. Meanwhile, in the future, access to the virtual world of WEMADE METAVERSE will not be restricted by location, people can use the terminal to access WEMADE METAVERSE anytime and anywhere.
Economy is the foundation of WEMADE METAVERSE, which has its own super economic system. All the props in WEMADE METAVERSE are NFT assets based on blockchain technology, relying on blockchain as the The underlying technology will make the game assets transparent, public, asset rights, and traceable for the purchase and sale of props, so as to stimulate its value in the ecological circulation of WEMADE METAVERSE and scale up our prop NFT market through the WEMADE METAVERSE economic model, relying on blockchain, so that every player can gain. At the same time, for some of the props, WEMADE METAVERSE will protect the rights and interests of players, so that players can enjoy the huge dividends of digital development with confidence.
Civilization will be the place where WEMADE METAVERSE users must reach, and WEMADE METAVERSE is committed to operating as a DAO. This goal will be achieved gradually over time, as the ownership and operation model of WEMADE METAVERSE transitions from centralized management to decentralized governance. Players participate in WEMADE METAVERSE by forming guilds, and the community provides teaching, research, hosting, and promotion services for members, which can help players get a better gaming and value experience, and as the phase continues to advance, players can participate in WEMADE METAVERSE governance through the community.
The five characteristics of "self, immersion, freedom, economy and civilization" are the basis for the existence and development of the WEMADE METAVERSE metaverse ecology. With the five characteristics as the underlying logic, WEMADE METAVERSE is gradually emerging, and a freer, more affirmative and better digital metaverse era will eventually come.

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