The Trend of DeFi Guides the DAO Outburst META X DAO Creates the Next Value Outburst of the Market in 2020!
2021-05-27 19:45:30 Reading

 Every era has its own opportunities. There is no doubt that the biggest hotspot in 2020 is DeFi. Up to now, the circulation market value of DeFi has been over 14 billion dollars. As the decentralized finance, DeFi makes full use of the blockchain’s characteristics of point-to-point trade and low trust cost, and it may directly provide cryptocurrency debit-credit and transaction services for both parties of lease; it is the field with the most implementation value for the blockchain technology.

Besides DeFi (decentralized finance), there is still a prosperously developing ecology, namely DAO (a decentralized autonomous organization). DAO means Distributed Autonomous Organization. Simply speaking, DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that maintains operation through the smart contract. Both its transactions and rules are encoded on the blockchain, thus realizing public and fair, uninterrupted and autonomous operation.

With the development of DeFi, DAO has obtained increasing attention and become popular again. DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. DeFi is decentralized finance. Generally speaking, it is the supporting relationship between the underlying principle and the economic model.
Since the THE DAO project in 2016, through the development of several years, DAO has evolved different forms. META X DAO, as the DAO with the innovative form, has gradually stood out on the track.

META X DAO is a decentralized organization, which is used to develop, manage and increase the DeFi protocol and product. Through the transparent, safe and automatic protocol with no access and minimum trust, it sets up the autonomous system between users and the platform, and enables all bodies to undertake the significance and value of the DeFi ecosystem. Through the possession and management of XDAO token holders, the platform token holders may allocate the income of META X DAO and the proposition of the financial system. It will also confer holders with the right of using a set of services and senior functions in the DAPP. It won’t execute the ecological development function after the success of proposal and voting.

META X DAO is setting up the DAO model of the joint operation standard and management mode. It boosts DeFi growth by allocating a great quantity of capital and talent resources for participators; it also supports the development of the blockchain technology through the META X DAO platform, and supports the incubation and support of the existing and emerging projects through token exchange. The product and governance of META X DAO do not have to be permitted and decentralized. META X DAO refuses all centralized monopolistic behaviors caused by basic intervention; META X DAO wants to set up an elastic organic community self-governed and co-built by participators.

With the arrival of the DeFi trend, there have appeared clear business modes on different tracks. On the business mode, there may exist some information parameters or some operations need to be managed, etc. Therefore, the objective of META X DAO is relatively definite; it will govern one or multiple decentralized projects in the form of decentralization, and ensure the stable operation of the protocol through rules and parameters, so as to ensure the joint growth of the project.

All in all, DAO and DeFi are just like a CP. In order to make DeFi gain long-term development and circulation, DAO is an indispensable step and the object that every project should possess, with huge values of investment and development. Under the trend of DeFi, the value of META X DAO keeps being explored. It is predicted that in the near future, META X DAO will burst out in the circle again and become the next value breaking point of the market!

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