The DAO has formally initiated the research and development of ecosystem for the treatment of residual heat of mining machine.
2021-05-22 10:50:35 Reading

 According to related media reports, The DAO announced the formal approval of the project and started to develop related ecological applications. After the release, the report attracted widespread attention in the capital markets. At the same time, People are eagerly looking forward to the DAO can explode the entire industry.
This ideal has been introduced by The DAO in previous organized ecological development conference of mining machinery,that mining machines and computer servers emit a lot of heat during operation. DAO developed an energy recovery system that can be recycled by storing the heat generated by the mining machine through a closed energy cycle ecological environment, and then transported to the place where it is needed,such as heating for cold areas, cooling for hot areas.  Thus achieving the goal of reducing global carbon emissions.
The DAO believes that an ecosystem to deal with the residual heat from mining machine operations will be successfully created and become a hot new technology that everyone will wants.  With the support and participation of a reliable team, the value created by the ecosystem will be immeasurable. 

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