REVA Holds Offline NFT Gallery Exhibition Open a New Era of Digital Art
2021-04-06 14:46:41 Reading

 This year, we see that under the influence of the continued popularity of digital art collections, more and more people have joined the ranks of digital art collections, resulting in the birth of a new term "digital art collector"

REVA, a leading enterprise in the field of NFT collection and auction, recently held a large-scale NFT Gallery exhibition in New York. This way of combining digital art collection with traditional offline gallery exhibition has attracted many interested players and investors. Though influenced by COVID-19, the whole state of New York has been in a state of tension. But we can see that this has not affected people's enthusiasm for this gallery exhibition. About 300 exhibitors visited the first day of the exhibition.

The NFT art collections exhibited this time include CryptoPunks, NBA Top Shot, CryptoKitties, Decentraland, Pudgy Penguin, Sorare and Meebits. Each NFT work has been carefully selected, and there is a rich history and interesting story behind each work.

Although this exhibition is not for commercial purposes, and there is no auction transaction during the exhibition, this way of narrowing the distance between people and digital art collections through painting exhibition undoubtedly provides a better display stage for digital art collections, and people's impression of digital art products is no longer abstract. It fully shows its unique charm through entity, and the new world of NFT world is opened. It is reported that all the revenues from this gallery exhibition will be donated to the charitable organizations against COVID-19 by REVA.

The NFT auction cases in this year:

A Single Number That Has 10,000,086 Digits——Ryoji Ikeda

This is the first NFT work of digital art master Ryoshi Ikeda. When viewing this work, the audience will be lost in such huge data. A visual puzzle appears in the work because it contains a unique number, 100000086; Its seemingly random nature means that there is no way to verify its randomness or determine any type of pattern. Ikeda's figures go beyond human understanding and are specific only through the artist's description. Undoubtedly, this is the first time that these figurative figures have been presented to us since ancient times. Ikeda's thinking about the endless existence of undiscovered and invisible numbers, and the dynamic combination of mathematics and visual expression cater to human's inherent interest in the concept of infinity. By referring to ideas far beyond human understanding, the artist presents a strange number in immortal form. The unique and infinite digital possibilities discussed in Ikeda's works strongly echo the nature of NFT itself, which is also unique in the field of crypto.

The Shell Record——Anna Ridler

Anna Ridler is an artist and researcher whose work is about how knowledge systems and technologies are created to better understand the world. She is particularly interested in ideas around measurement and quantification and their relationship to the natural world. Her work process often involves the collection of information or data, especially data sets, to create new and unusual sentence groups.

INFINITE FUTURE shows a versatile artist spanning multiple creative fields on the basis of blockchain technology. INFINITE FUTURE is a mixture of digital art works and physical works. The digital part of NFT is a fascinating visual infinite cycle, showing an energy form trapped in an evolving maze, symbolizing the inevitable cycle of life. NFT is stored in a unique box and can be inserted into a customized and "unique" transparent stereogram cabinet. Once inserted, it will make your NFT move and create a unique work of art, which will certainly attract the attention of anyone who sees it. And this is just the beginning. INFINITE FUTURE not only sets NFT as the original token, but also connects collectors and artists in the blockchain and creativity. In this work, Diablo reaffirms that he is one of the most forward-looking creators in today's space.

We can see that more and more NFT startups like Opensea, Mojito and REVA are changing the way people collect and even recognize works of art. In digital art, we also see that crypto art is history and development. As a new art form, it is imperceptibly affecting people's way of life. In the future, digital art is worth looking forward to.

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