OK DAO Starts A New Journey Of DAO Community Development
2022-01-03 11:11:02 Reading

 DAO, a brand-new collaborative form of co-creation, co-construction, co-governance, and co-sharing spontaneously established by consensus groups, has triggered a trust change from the product economy to the digital economy. From the perspective of form, DAO is the best solution to the trust and collaboration problem of blockchain, and will also become a new form of blockchain technology application.

Why did DAO emerge? What are the advantages?
Compared with traditional enterprises, companies, or community organizations, DAO organizations have the typical characteristics of decentralization and lead the ecological development and economic system in the full decision-making way. The DAO organization also has extremely prominent collaborative advantages:
1. Eliminate malpractice
The access and usage of DAO funds are open and transparent, without any private transaction;
2. Reduce communication cost
All members vote to decide the implementation of development strategies and automatically run according to contracts and proposals obtained through voting;
3. Reduce management costs and eliminate dictatorship
There is no hierarchy in the DAO organization. All people are equal. Everyone can propose for the organization, and the proposal may be adopted;
4. Multi-party cooperation
All DAO members take a certain economic model as the common goal. An excellent and healthy decision-making plan will bring more potential benefits to everyone in the ecosystem, forming a positive value cycle.
A new OK DAO that is unique and full of opportunities
OK DAO is a guild-based financial DAO organization jointly initiated by the crypto community and the Metaverse Guild. It is committed to providing high-quality incubation soil, capital, technology, traffic, and all other support for Web 3.0, Metaverse, and GameFi track.

As a new DAO development project, OK DAO deeply integrates the operation model of DAO collaboration, unionized finance, DeFi2.0, and community capitalization. At present, the first decentralized infrastructure okSwap in the OK DAO ecosystem is about to open for operation.

The design, development, operation, and governance of OK DAO are completely based on the concept of DAO autonomy, which truly realizes the joint initiation of the community, the launch of the decentralized platform, the distributed collaboration of the community, and the governance of on-chain tools.

In terms of project initiation, OK DAO will be donated and launched by the co-sponsors, and 100% of this donation will be injected into the OKD liquidity pool, which will serve as a value base to lay a solid asset foundation for OKD.

In the meantime, the OK DAO community continues to invite many outstanding community builders, blockchain industry experts, KOL, and sharing experts to build the OKD preaching lecture hall together. In the form of online sharing conferences, we will continue to provide valuable project development interpretations and industry information analysis for community members, helping community users to explore opportunities in the entire blockchain industry and obtain extraordinary value.

The connection between people and organizations, people and the economy is an inevitable trend in blockchain development. It is also the best form of collaboration in the Web3.0 era. OK DAO will become a standardized on-chain startup, on-chain collaboration, and on-chain governance model for web3.0, Metaverse, and GameFi industries. And it is committed to becoming a high-quality investment target favored by professional blockchain investment and research institutions.

OK DAO hopes to build a safe, efficient, and decentralized open blockchain underlying network through mechanism innovation, and introduce a democratic decision-making process, so that DAO members can jointly decide the direction of network upgrade and the implementation of decision-making events, show collective wisdom, help high-quality development of charity project, and promote the large-scale implementation of blockchain technology. Based on the decentralized autonomous organization DAO, an advanced democratic decision-making process is constructed to help the community ecology reach a consensus more equitably and efficiently, and promote the prosperity and development of the community following the will of its members.

In the future Internet era of Web3.0, DAO will be an organizational primitive. OK DAO is built on an open encrypted network. With the improvement of encrypted user experience, OK DAO will become a pivotal service tool in the Metaverse. Let's witness the rise of OK DAO's new DAO decision service and business model.

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