Metatopia gets a technological breakthrough, realizing the perfect dollar universe is just around the corner
2021-02-12 16:55:36 Reading

 According to foreign media reports, the sensational Metatopia meta-universe utopia eco-alliance founded by Berkeley Fundation and LucidWeb, the largest VR enterprise in France with six major companies in various industries around the world, has recently announced a major technical breakthrough by its technical team and said that the realization of the complete dollar universe is just around the corner!
It is reported that Metatopia meta-universe utopia ecological alliance was established in 2020 and is committed to becoming the world's largest meta-universe utopia ecological alliance to help users solve the irregularity of investment channels for digital assets and the lack of investment varieties in a one-stop manner; popularize blockchain knowledge and promote the healthy development of blockchain ecology. To open up the online and offline digital currency use scenarios, so that blockchain technology can better serve the real economy.
In the process of building its core team, five core institutions such as Metatopia VR ecological research center in France, Metatopia game R&D base, Metatopia Royal Star desert server room, Metatopia blockchain laboratory and Metatopia global operation service center have been formally established, allowing the metaverse technology to be comprehensive upgrade. In the Metatopia metaverse ecology, LucidWe, as the most important member of the VR ecology, will continue to deliver all hardware and software facilities for Metatopia's global development.
Its core members have said, "Metatopia has become a collection of digital world, this Metatopia five core institutions by will be responsible for the relevant technology development, project daily development, and solve the technical problems in the development." At the same time, he hopes that with the cooperation with team partners, Metatopia will continue to expand Metatopia's innovation in the field of metaverse and add more functions to the platform. metatopia will plan six major segments while conducting layout and research, and according to Metatopia's definition of metaverse, the six segments of virtual identity, social, instant network, game, virtual reality, and economic system will constitute a complete meta-universe. How will it be developed for the benefit of mankind in the future? Let's wait and see!

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