METIS Data Consensus Public Chain - A Technological Leap In The Era of Big Data
2019-09-09 15:49:38 Reading

 As a disruptive technology, blockchain is leading a new round of global technological and industrial changes, promoting the transformation of "information Internet" to "value Internet". Major projects have turned their heads to seek value transformation, and their vision has shifted from "cutting leeks" to how to apply blockchain concepts to specific industrial chains. METIS is a big data, which needs to deal with sea quantization and fast-growing storage, which requires the underlying hardware architecture and file system to be much more cost-effective than the traditional technology and able to expand the storage capacity flexibly. The birth of METIS has attracted the attention of many traditional enterprises, which have proposed strategic cooperation to build the next landing application of blockchain industry.

The economic incentive model possessed by METIS can provide consensus data engine and trusted and traceable consensus data storage for relevant applications, far exceeding the computing speed of ETH. At the same time, METIS can support numerous landed applications. In these commercial applications, MTS passwords, as a carrier of value circulation, can play a significant role for the upstream and downstream of the future 5G industry chain, including basic telecommunication enterprises, equipment manufacturing enterprises, vertical industries, information technology, Internet and other industries through METIS data consensus public chain can effectively open up various links and build a good 5G industry ecology together. The intention of the future development of METIS public chain is to recreate a "hard currency" like ETH through rapid operation. Even though METIS may not be able to replace ETH in the future, if ETH is compared to the "dollar" of blockchain, it is very possible for MTS to be the "euro" of blockchain.

From the background, METIS is not small. METIS team is a team from Internet to blockchain, and the core of the team are all Internet technology experts, so the background experience is definitely a symbol of strength.
The Butterfly Effect of METIS
There is a very famous phenomenon called the butterfly effect, the most classic statement about this phenomenon is that a butterfly in the rainforest by the Amazon River in South America, occasionally flapping its wings a few times, may cause a tornado in Texas, USA two weeks later. For enterprises, METIS represents the value of enterprise data, realizes the sharing and dissemination of enterprise information, realizes the conversion of enterprise digital value, and can better stimulate the improvement of enterprise intrinsic value. and external units. It makes the data ecology active and vibrant.
Without the test of time, it cannot withstand the storms of the future. I believe that under the witness of time, among all the lights, this one is the only one that shines brightly. We will wait and see the butterfly effect of the digital currency world brought by METIS.

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