In 2022, five global consensus conference was held, Web3 0 era has become a hot topic!
2022-02-23 16:40:58 Reading


According to overseas media reports, on February 19, New York time, the 2022 five global consensus conference hosted by five was grandly held in D. The meeting lasted for two days and a forum was held! The topics of this meeting are extremely rich and diverse. The forum not only discussed the global layout and future planning of five, but also discussed Web3 0 and the ecological analysis of the whole industry chain of the blockchain!

It is reported that on the day of the meeting, some media reporters in the industry interviewed the five technical team. The team representative said: five is the first global autonomous developer Dao organization to jointly put forward the concept of "refreshing everything" in the field of crypto, creating a collection of Dao, NFT, metaverse and Web3 0 in one encryption project booster, five is deployed on BSC, which aims to be a future business ecological platform integrated with multiple main chain networks. More importantly, five is based on Web3 0 is technical support, which is an Internet way that can better reflect the labor value of Internet users and realize the balanced distribution of value. Five metauniverse is based on Web3 The trusted digital value interaction network supported by 0 technology system and operation mechanism is Web3.0 with blockchain as the core 0 digital new ecology.

On the same day, the meeting also focused on Web3.0 led by blockchain technology 0 era held an all day seminar. Five hopes to open up the information exchange of the ecosystem of the whole industry and finally promote the global realization of Web3.0 based on blockchain Wide application of version 0. I believe that five will enhance the higher-level application and development of blockchain public chain technology in this field in the future, and promote the development of the global financial industry into a new era! Let's look forward to its future development!

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