Good news continued in May: Well-known VCs joined forces to enter the Aurorabase NFT technology module release
2021-05-17 20:29:15 Reading

 Aurorabase, as the super dark horse of the global metaverse track, has been attracting global attention since its inception. In the past more than a year, Aurorabase has received substantial progress reports almost every month. The headlines of major media have always been happy to report the latest developments of Aurorabase. This is a project that has grown slowly under the witness of everyone. In 2020, by verifying the feasibility of its key technologies through Ethereum, Aurorabase has demonstrated the feasibility of technical solutions to the public, and has also attracted strong attention from VCs and venture capital institutions that are attacking everywhere.
In May 2021, according to public reports, well-known VCs in the global blockchain field joined forces to enter Aurorabase. At present, the VC venture capital institutions that have been confirmed to enter Aurorabase include: THE LAO, crasolum, taureon, protocol zero and several other emerging capitals. In addition, there are some VCs who are interested in the underlying technology and are deploying Complete Financial Ecology in the Metaverse globally. It has also expressed its interest in Aurorabase and preliminary financing intentions in different public occasions.

On the one hand, the entry of VCs into Aurorabase is a recognition of the progress of the Metaverse Track and Aurorabase’s projects. On the other hand, a large amount of capital has been added to provide sufficient financial support for Aurorabase’s next technology development, market marketing, ecological construction and other specific nodes. At the same time, the entry of first-line capital has also strengthened the confidence of the secondary market in Aurorabase, which is a major positive news. In the future, these VC institutions will also use their own influence and industry resources to help Aurorabase connect with more ecosystems, which is an extremely valuable resource for an underlying public chain.
Blacksmithing also needs to be hard on its own. Ultimately, it is Aurorabase's own technological progress that wins the trust of capital. In May 2021, Aurorabase released the latest project technical progress. In May, Aurorabase improved the standard interface of ERC-721 non-fungible tokens, and completed the development of NFT assets in the Gamefi chain game and cross-chain bridge synchronization technology.
NFT is the core representation of Metaverse assets. Aurorabase has deeply improved the conventional ERC-721 NFT mapping standard, technically optimized the mapping process and possessed the unique properties of the Metaverse. After Aurorabase completed the technical development of NFT mapping and circulation, the construction of the entire ecosystem took an important step. Based on the improved ERC-721 mapping standard, assets can be mapped and circulated in various metaverse scenarios to complete the initial construction of the economic system and activate the overall application ecosystem of Aurorabase.

In addition, substantial progress has been made in Aurorabase's cross-chain bridge solution, allowing real-time interactions between parallel metaverses. Cross-chain is a core function of the Metaverse. Cross-chain not only contributes to the development of Aurorabase's Metaverse ecosystem, but also is an important benefit to the current Metaverse applications on major public chains. Aurorabase Cross-chain bridges can be parallel to each other. The isolated metaverses are connected in series to meet the cross-chain intercommunication of users and assets in the metaverse, and realize the self-reproduction of the metaverse ecology.
With the maturity of technology and the promotion of the entry of capital, Aurorabase has made significant progress from technology to ecology. After May 2021, Aurorabase will start the process of simultaneous development of technology and ecology. The first series of ecological applications such as Metaverse Games, Metaverse Social, Metaverse Office, and Metaverse NFT Trading Center will be open to global developers, inviting Metaverse of developers together to build an exemplary metaverse ecosystem with advanced user experience.
A higher starting point is to take off better. Aurorabase takes the lead in sprinting the metaverse track with the help of the wings of technology and capital, realizing a metaverse with higher technical level, faster data processing speed and stronger holographic experience. Look forward to bringing us into a true metaverse era when Aurorabase goes live.

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