FTN-DEX decentralized trading platform enters into a strategic partnership with Canadian foundation Oasis
2020-10-17 11:09:00 Reading

On October 16, Oasis Foundation announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the FTN-DEX decentralized trading platform and that Oasis' dedicated DEX fund will support the development and operation of the FTN-DEX project. Both parties will then actively explore innovations to make FTN-DEX more diverse and interesting, and help FTN-DEX intervene with more grassroots users, as well as the ecological construction of NFT, making it more powerful and liquid.

FTN-DEX is a decentralized NFT digital asset trading platform. Its contracts are deployed on the BSC smart chain, which aims to integrate the advantages of the platform and build a high-performance composite DEX ecology. At present, FTN-DEX has established a complete digital asset trading ecosystem, including coin trading, NFT trading, leveraged trading, ETF products, mining pools and other businesses, as well as a strong technical team and operation team, which will provide the most secure and trusted decentralized digital asset trading and asset management services to millions of users in over 50 countries and regions worldwide in the future.
Oasis is a foundation dedicated to NFTing and blockchaining the world's top artworks, supported by the world-renowned public chain Ethereum and the underlying technology of BSC, combined with the world's largest distributed data storage system IPFS. In the future, the foundation will act as an independent legal entity, fully responsible for the team organization, development, promotion and operation of the FTN-DEX project, and assume all relevant legal responsibilities.

The Oasis Foundation is committed to the development of FTN-DEX and the promotion of transparency in governance and the harmonious development of an open and transparent global eco-community. All funds raised by the Oasis Foundation will be used for technology development, marketing, community building, financial auditing, business cooperation and other purposes closely related to the development of the FTN-DEX project.
Currently, Oasis Foundation's collection boasts paintings by Picasso, crypto artist Beeple and others, as well as multi-category digital works such as NFT avatars and numerous NFT game props, with a total value of nearly 300 million yuan. The Foundation's frequent moves in the field of NFT avatars have received wide attention from both inside and outside the industry. Up to now, the platform series of NFT avatars blind boxes launched by Oasis Foundation have traded at a premium of nearly 50 times in the secondary market.
As a star team emerging from the NFT track, Oasis Foundation has already gained the attention and support of industry celebrities and has entered into cooperation with a number of art institutions such as Christie's, Sotheby's and NiftyGateway. With the support of industry head resources, Oasis Foundation and FTN-DEX will further enrich and improve the multiple links of trading and circulation of NFT works, becoming The most influential ecological platform in the industry.

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