FIVE meta-universe background of WEB3.0 bridge of the times
2022-02-16 10:45:23 Reading

 Meta-universe is undoubtedly the undeniably popular track nowadays, but based on it, it needs hardware and software to build together and needs to perfect various technologies as support. As a collection of various technologies, its development process will be a long one. Although the "meta-universe" is an advanced "concept" that will not be realized for a long time. But what is certain is that the development of metaverse web3.0 is the way to go.
Web3.0 hopes to break the barriers of the Internet giants, so that the user data information and value really belong to them, in line with the characteristics of the meta-universe. Many people in the industry also see Web3.0 as the basis for creating a meta-universe, and it has extremely realistic guidance and business value for the meta-universe. The metaverse is a 3D virtual world that interconnects all people, where people have their own digital identities and can interact and create whatever they want in this world. And Web 3.0 is evolving to put the Internet at the user's center, so digital identity authentication, privacy protection, data validation and decentralization are all key to its development. This is a natural fit with blockchain technology, which is one of the reasons why blockchain is called the "Internet of Value". In the context of Web3.0, the underlying business logic of the Internet will also undergo fundamental changes.

Based on the background of the times, FIVE was born to create a complete cross-chain decentralized financial system network for global users. Through FIVE tokens, the FIVE ecosystem will reasonably allocate the rights and interests to the community (including developers, investors, users and other participants) to realize value interconnection and achieve true mutual benefit and win-win.
About FIVE
FIVE is the first crypto project booster that integrates DAO, NFT, Metaverse and Web 3.0 with the slogan of "Play Dao, Buy FIVE", and is dedicated to creating a web 3.0 based crypto project booster for global users. It is committed to building a GameFi aggregation platform based on the concept of WEB 3.0, which integrates smart contract constraints and DAO voting governance, including decentralized NFT transactions and a metaverse ecosystem of cross-chain fusion system.
FIVE is a future business ecological platform based on the fusion of multiple main chain networks of BSC.FIVE is an independent innovative blockchain operating system for future ecology, a decentralized multifaceted infrastructure based on blockchain technology, covering DAO, meta-universe ecology, chain merchants, decentralized exchange and NFT ecology.FIVE Token is the core of FIVE ecosystem.FIVE aims to create a complete network of cross-chain decentralized financial systems for global users. Through the FIVE Token, the FIVE ecosystem distributes the rights and interests to the community (including developers, investors, users and other participants) in a reasonable manner, realizing value interconnection and achieving real mutual benefit and win-win. At the same time, FIVE has the right to govern the community, and token holders can propose and vote on changes, upgrades and other governance of the FIVE ecosystem.

As the traffic portal of metaverse and WEB3.0, FIVE will evolve centralized Internet service providers into decentralized crypto protocols in future application carriers, and the pass-through economic system will allow users to directly participate in the development and decision making of the platform. Based on the DAO autonomy system users are not only the users of the platform, they will reap the value generated by the data while freely creating content, they will also hold the right to speak in community governance and product development, and the collective demands of users will become an important basis. 
Web 3.0 is a new era closer to us. It will reduce the monopoly of centralized giants, maximize the value of individuals, make our life more convenient and protect our privacy, and FIVE will open a new round of wealth myth as the evangelist of WEB3.0 era.

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