BFIC Community and CalAtlantic Group collaborated for the first time to host the Urban Land of the Parallel Universe Project bids
2022-03-02 21:58:04 Reading


On February 28, led by CalAtlantic Group, the BFIC Parallel Universe Project bid section urban land A was held.

It also attracted a number of well-known restaurant chains to participate in the bidding section of urban land in Area A. Each urban land was judged on price based on floor area.

Del Taco won the first urban land in Section A1 for $580,000, Dunkin Donuts won Section A2 for $510,000, Wendy's won Section A3 for $430,000, SUBWAY won Section A4 for $415,000 and El Pollo Loco won Section A5 for $310,000.

The first Del Taco will be built in the Parallel Universe project, and when the game launches, players can try out the premium service of ordering food and offline delivery.

More chains will move in soon, and the city land will have more role and value in the virtual world.

Let's all look forward to the one-stop premium service of the BFIC Parallel Universe project, coming soon.

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