web3 metaverse gets investment partnership
2022-08-13 12:20:03 Reading

 web3 foundation brings industry giants to build the web3 metaverse platform, which enables the world to gain equal participation in building the world through blockchain, AI and metaverse technology. At present, the platform has received support from numerous technical communities and leading VCs. The team technology comes from the blockchain technology community at the head, the Ethereum technology community, the Polkadot community, the we3 foundation, the facebook blockchain development team and other members have joined the development of the we3 metaverse platform. VC capital includes pantera capital, blockchain capital, etc. From now on, web3 metaverse will establish a cooperative relationship with the technical community and various capitals. The Binance Chain token WEM has complete community autonomy, and the ingenuity of the web3 metaverse ecology has attracted the attention of the entire crypto industry.

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